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Find out how we can help you...
by seeing how we have helped other presenters and organisations achieve their presentation objectives. Below are case studies of actual projects we have worked on. Not only do they show the range of services The Presentation People offer, but may be helpful to presenters and conference organisers in planning what resources they need to allocate for their specific needs.

  Client: Winning Edge Strategies  



How Dangerous Men Think - effective self protection for women  
  Style: Speaker Support - workshop / keynote / lecture  


  Background: Leader in his field, author Brent Sanders commissioned The Presentation People to produce speaker support materials based on his book for use in lectures, workshops and keynote speaking engagements.  
  Brief: Create storyboard from book. Produce PowerPoint speaker support visuals. Presentation content must be modular (chapters). Agenda with links to each chapter to enable tailoring of presentation to different audiences / timescales. Speaker comfortable with 35mm slides - not used to PowerPoint presentations but ready to move with technology - required ease of use. Format to echo bookjacket - serious topic - format needs to be strong / high impact  
  Production: Each chapter was read in turn - broken down into relevant points - headings / sub headings established - copy adjusted to fit presentation format without compromising important information. Storyboard created - other supporting graphics established and illustrations from book scanned and enhanced. From these materials PowerPoint was created. Client approved the presentation with only minor revisions.  
  Follow up: Brent very happy. Trialled presentation with audience - good response  
Awards / Celebrations
  Client: npg_media  


Australian Liquor Industry Awards (ALIA) 2001  
  Style: Gala Awards Night  
  Venue: Regent Hotel Sydney  
  Theme: 2001 - space  
  Background: The Presentation People have had the pleasure of providing support for ALIA for 5 years running. Every year the awards night has a different theme and The Presentation People have worked closely with the NPG_Media production team  
  Brief: Prepare all visual support for use during event, including speaker support, animation sequences and sponsor promotional images. Run through PowerPoint. Provide technical support and liaison with staging crew during the event.  
  Production: Several possible format (theme) designs produced for approval by client. Theme formats included concepts for award slides and animated sequences linked to main show. Design work created in Adobe Photoshop and animated sequences produced in a 3D animation program. Once format chosen, Production of PowerPoint commenced based on run sheets provided by The Presentation People and updated by NPG team. Custom images for sponsors and various prizes produced. NPG_Media regularly updated with progress reports and onscreen reviews of presentation. Final show approved and downloaded on specially prepared computer provided by The Presentation People and copied to CD for installation on backup computer on-site.  
  On-Site: The Presentation People briefed the organisers, the talent and the staging company and ran the speaker support component of the event.  
  Follow up: NPG_Media thrilled with the final product. Everything went without a hitch. Deemed to be the best ALIA ever.  





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